The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Фотография в рамке

It is easy to capture a moment of a summer day at Yasnaya Polyana on a meadow, in the forest, or on the bank of the river Voronka by simply pressing the button of your camera. But it is not the photographer, but the craftsman creating flower compositions who is truly able to preserve the moment.

This work of our craftsmen is closely related to the traditions of the Tolstoy family. Numerous guests of Yasnaya Polyana used to gather flowers and herbs and make bouquets while walking at the estate. These bouquets can be seen in memorial photographs showing the interiors of the Tolstoy House. Leo Tolstoy’s wife Sophia also made up herbaria; they have been kept in the museum’s memorial collection and still retain the natural beauty of their flowers. 

All the floral souvenirs offered by our museum are made from flowers and herbs growing at Yasnaya Polyana. Our craftsmen gather these plants all over the estate from spring to late autumn, and carefully dry them using no chemicals or dye, so that you can see their true colours and appreciate their beauty.

New and sometimes unexpected ways of creating such compositions are used by our craftsmen now. They make compositions on cross sections of trees, decorate photo frames, and create floral collages. The same style is also used for making pictures, calendars, post-cards, book-marks, candles, etc.

On sale:

Flower compositions, calendars, bookmarks, decorated candles, magnets, mobile phone cases, post-cards, flower panels (drawing decorated with dried flowers)

The following items can be made to order for subsequent pick-up at Yasnaya Polyana:

Big-sized flower compositions, mechanical clock on a cross section of a tree.

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