The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Parks and Orchards Department

Before the Tolstoy estate became a museum, the local cooperative society was in charge of the Yasnaya Polyana orchards. Since June 10, 1921 (when a museum was established here) the museum director and curator was responsible for the fruit orchards of the estate and was required to keep them in their authentic form.  

The first restoration work in the orchards was done in 1928, when Leo Tolstoy’s daughter Alexandra was the director of the museum. Classification of the orchards was the responsibility of Kh.N. Abrikosov.

In 1939-49 over 80 % of the apple trees were damaged by severe frosts, and serious restoration was necessary. Professional gardeners from various institutions were invited to discuss it with the museum staff. In 1950 the orchards were fully restored on the area they occupied in 1910, and most of the kinds of apple trees which had grown there in Leo Tolstoy’s lifetime were also preserved. Among them there were Arkad, Antonovka, Korichnoye (“Cinnamon”), Grushovka, Borovinka, Mironchik, Skryzhapel, etc. The museum’s Memorial Orchards Department took care of the orchards of the estate.

The department got its present name – Parks and Orchards Department – in 2006 when the parks and the central part of estate were included in its area of responsibility. The main task of this department is doing all the necessary work for the preservation, restoration and care of the orchards and parks of Yasnaya Polyana and also preservation and restoration of the varieties of fruit trees which were grown here in Tolstoy time.

Now we are preparing for the next restoration of the orchard. A nursery of fruit trees was established at the estate and a collection orchard was planted, where we have apple trees of the same kinds as the ones that were mentioned in the “Inventory of the Orchard” of Leo Tolstoy’s mother and the ones that used to grow in the writer’s orchards later as well.

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