The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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International Meeting of Writers at Yasnaya Polyana
International Meeting of Writers takes place annually at Leo Tolstoy museum-estate Yasnaya Polayana starting from 1996. The event brings together contemporary Russian and foreign authors giving them opportunity to share their opinions on Leo Tolstoy and to have unhasting, lively and kind conversation.

writers_meetingsTraditionally Meeting of Writers at Yasnaya Polyana is opened at the porch of Leo Tolstoy’s  house on his birthday – September, 9. During one-hour opening called Word on Tolstoy the invited writers make small thoughtful, sincere, deep-felt speeches on their attitude to Leo Tolstoy.

During Meeting of Writers Yasnaya Polyana Book Award announces its short list. The jury which consists of the renowned literary critics and prominent writers and makes up the core of Yasnaya Polyana Meeting of Writers, comments on the choice of the short listed authors.

Every year, choosing the topics to be discussed at the Meeting of Writers, we used to return 100 years back to certainly find some up-to-date and topical questions in Leo Tolstoy’s books and past events. In 2010 we chose a broad topic Path of life, which allowed the participants of Yasnaya Polyana Meeting of Writers to talk both on the last writer’s book and his long life. Starting from 2011 we return 150 years back to choose topics for Yasnaya Polyana Meeting of Writers, to parallel events of that time and modern situation and to understand how alike they are. Writers’ talks are published afterwards in a separate edition of the articles.

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