The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Sections of memorial collection

The Memorial Collection is subdivided into 2 major parts: the Historical and Everyday Life Objects Collection, and the Memorial Library.

The Historical and Everyday Life Objects Collection contains over 15,000 objects of the late 18th – early 20th centuries and includes:

  • Leo Tolstoy’s personal belongings: his clothes, footwear, and headwear
  • His writing materials
  • Objects in the interiors of the Tolstoy House: furniture, musical instruments, etc.
  • Ancestral portraits and icons, miniatures; portraits of Leo Tolstoy and members of his family (including portrait sculptures) done in Tolstoy’s lifetime by outstanding Russian artists and sculptors
  • Photographs of Tolstoy and members of his family, his relatives and friends

The Memorial Library contains more than 23,000 books, brochures, art albums and sheet music, magazines, newspapers, atlases, and maps. The oldest book in the Library was published in 1612 and the latest one in 1910. Here are editions in 39 foreign languages; 60 % of them are in Russian, 39 % in foreign European languages, and 1 % in ancient and Oriental languages.

The Library was founded by Leo Tolstoy’s grandfather, Prince Nikolai Volkonsky; Tolstoy’s parents also added books to it. But most of the Library was acquired by Tolstoy himself. First of all, those are the books he needed for his work on his own works. A great many books were sent to Tolstoy as presents. Among them, there are books with inscriptions of outstanding figures of culture and science, fine specimens of publishing and bookbinding art, autographed copies, copies with censorial corrections or with handwritten notes, etc. The most valuable are books with Leo Tolstoy’s notations.

The Memorial Library has the following sections:

  • Books that belonged to Leo Tolstoy’s ancestors (his grandfather and parents)
  • Leo Tolstoy’s works
  • Publications about Tolstoy
  • Books with authorial inscriptions
  • Books with marginalia
  • Books, in the compilation, editing or publication of which Leo Tolstoy took part
  • Books Tolstoy used in his work on his own writings
  • Works of persons who were members of Tolstoy’s circle
  • Works of Leo Tolstoy’s relatives
  • Works devoted to Tolstoy
  • Books that belonged to Tolstoy’s children
  • Books that belonged to Tolstoy’s wife Sophia
  • Books that belonged to members of Tolstoy’s circle
  • Books Tolstoy kept to be given to visitors
  • Books received as presents
  • Editions, which were published by Sophia Tolstaya 
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