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Exhibition of Figurines at the Krapivna Museum

___1March 31 - May 3, 2017
Krapivna Local History Museum 

You are welcome to attend our Rarities from the Attic exhibition. In most people’s understanding, the word rarity can refer to almost any old object having some kind of artistic value. Our exhibition will focus on Soviet porcelain figurines and show the importance of preserving them as collector’s items. 


Each of the objects is unique in its own way, as there is a story of its creation, sculptor, factory, and distribution behind it. The figurines displayed at our exhibition are often undeservingly considered unnecessary and of little interest. But how much joy we experience when we can see well-preserved items that used to be so common in the interiors in Soviet times! We display figurines which belonged to Krapivna residents who treasured them because these objects were closely related to their families’ histories.

The exhibition takes our guests a few dozens of years back, and is intended for a wide range of visitors. Senior citizens can plunge back into the world of their childhood and youth, and the younger generation has the chance to get better acquainted with the life of their parents and grandparents.

The exhibition opens on March 31 at 15:00. It can be visited every day from 9:00 to 17:00. Cost of the museum‘s admission ticket: 100 rubles for a full-price ticket, and 50 rubles for a discounted ticket.

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