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Reflection: Exhibition of Works by Tula Artists

January _____2001_14 - February 16, 2017
Yasnaya Polyana Gallery 

On January 14 at 16:00, the Reflection exhibition will open at the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery. It will feature works by members of the Circle International Public Artists‘ Organization living and working in Tula: Natalia Teplinskaya, Anna Kalinina, Dima Gura, and Elena Sviridova. These works include still lifes, cityscapes, and landscapes--all in all over 60 paintings. Some of them will let us see Tula streets and Tolstoy-related places in Tula as seen by their authors. 

All the participants in the exhibition are graduates of Alexander Petrovichev‘s studio of easel painting and graphics of the Circle organization, which unites artists from Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Bulgaria, and Spain. This association has existed for six years, building its own creative environment and conditions for its participants’ self-realization. Its founders - Alexander Petrovichev, Nada Dutina, and Natalia Nikolaeva – will attend the opening of the exhibition.


The main subject of Natalia Teplinskaya‘s (b. 1965) works is the nature of Tula Region. Her landscapes inspired by various states of nature are characterized by motifs with a strong emotional charge. The artist formerly worked as a teacher, the head of a children’s art school, and a senior teacher at the Pre-school and Special Needs Education Department of the Advanced Training Institute. In 2005, her own program, Color-logic, was published, which focused on children’s intellectual development by means of fine arts. Natalia Teplinskaya has been a participant in various international and regional exhibitions. In 2014, her personal exhibition was held at the A.S. Khomyakov Historical and Art Museum.

Anna Kalinina‘s (b. 1977) paintings follow the traditions of impressionism where conveying impressions of what the author has seen on the canvas is done by means of color and texture, without much detail in the drawing. Her favourite subjects are cityscapes and still lifes. Anna is a participant in regional and international residencies and exhibitions of paintings, and open-air sessions. In 2012, her works were shown as part of the Circle’s exhibition in Budva, Montenegro.

Elena Sviridova’s (b. 1971) airy profound works reveal for the spectator the author’s inner world full of original lyricism: “For me, painting is a way of self-realization and an internal need. An attempt to depict, capture, and decipher the message contained in the beauty and diversity of the environment.”  In addition to cooperating with the Circle organization, Elena is also a member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists. She took part in international and regional exhibitions, among them exhibitions of the New Village salon and Ardena Gallery. Her personal exhibitions were shown at the Vernissage salon and the Tula Pedagogical University.

Dima Gura‘s (b. 1972) work is diverse and is a synthesis of Russian avant-garde impressionism, pop-art and naïve art. He is the author of many paintings, including portraits, still lifes, landscapes, and genre paintings. He studied easel painting with his father – the artist Alexander Aleshin, and attended Pyotr Ovchinnikov‘s classes. At the age of 18, he qualified as a professional printmaker at the Tula Arms Factory. Dima Gura is a member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists and a participant in Russian and international exhibitions.  

The exhibition will be open until February 16. It can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 – 19:00. Adission cost: free of charge for visitors under 16; 15 rubles for a discounted ticket; 30 rubles for a full-price ticket. With a guided tour: 30 rubles for visitors under 16 and for a discounted ticket; 45 rubles for a full-price ticket. 

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