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Photo Exhibition by Igor Shcherbakov

6September 29 - November 3, 2016
Krapivna Local History Museum 

You are invited to a photo exhibition by Igor Shcherbakov, a photographer from Tula. It will show photographs of medicinal herbs of Tula Region. The opening ceremony will start at 15:00.

This exhibition is a continuation of the Krapivna Museum‘s project The Kingdom of Herbs, which gives our visitors a chance to learn more about medicinal herbs, choose herbs for their own herbal tea or a fragrant sachet, and taste herbal teas. The author of this exhibition will also offer his guests a cup of healthy tea from various herbs growing in Krapivna. 


Igor Shcherbakov explains his interest in medicinal plants as follows: “In my early childhood, when I could already walk well, but didn't yet speak well and understood almost nothing, my grandmother Agrafena Kuzminichna took me with her to the fields and woods to gather herbs. While gathering them, she used to murmur and mumble something. Some thirty years later, while being treated for various health problems, I studied medicinal herbs a little by means of manuals and field guides. Now, some thirty years later, as I gather and photograph various plants occasionally, I notice that I’m murmuring and mumbling something…”

Igor Shcherbakov is an experienced photographer, and a participant in and winner at various exhibitions in Tula and the Region, and a participant in the Best of Russia exhibition in Moscow. He took part in the Year of Russia in France project; his works have been shown in the Pompidou Museum and in Nantes, and also in Warsaw, Helsinki, and Lisbon. He designed the pages on Tula Region in the Atlas of Russia and was involved in many other projects.

The exhibition can be visited every day from 9:00 to 17:00. Cost of a discounted ticket to a guided tour is 30 rubles, and cost of a full-price ticket is 50 rubles. 

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