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„Holy Places of Orthodoxy.“ Exhibition of Works by Dmitry Beliukin
belyukinJune 24 - July 31, 2016
Yasnaya Polyana Gallery 

The exhibition opens on June 23 at 16:00.

The series Holy Places of Orthodoxy.  Impressions of an Orthodox Pilgrim, created by the Russian National Artist and current member of the Russian Academy of Arts Dmitry Beliukin, consists of about 70 works. The gallery will show landscapes from Russia, Athos, and the Holy Land: Jerusalem and Tiberias, the interiors of Greek monastery churches: Panorama of Athos from the Peak of the Holy Mountain, The Road to the Church, Athos. At the Dock of the Monastery of Vatopedi, The Church of Panageia at Dawn, and other works. Their maker had the rare good fortune to spend time at these truly wonderful places not only as an Orthodox pilgrim, but as an artist with his own special mission.


The concept of Paradise is basic to his understanding of the landscape of the holy places. Athos and the land of Palestine as a concentration of God's Grace  is primarily associated with the beauty of this image.  But nonetheless the theme of Russia has always been central to this artist’s work. Landscapes of his native land—old monasteries and cathedrals or flat landscapes, where in the distance the golden cupolas of churches gleam—in his work are always comparable to a liturgy in praise of the country kept safe by God.

“The landscape of holy places,” the artist says, “is a view from far away with hope and joy, it is the expectation of a miracle.  It is the eternal desire to get away from our wordly cares and into another dimension, into a life lived according to other laws. Despite the difference in the landscapes, architecture, and interior decorations of monasteries and shrines, they are all incredibly picturesque and beautiful, obviously, because what is Holy is always beautiful.”


Dmitry Beliukin works in the tradition of Russian classical school of painting: he creates historical and genre compositions, paints portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and works in book illustration. All of his works, from the well-known canvas that is many meters wide, “White Russia. Exodus” (1992-1994) or the watercolor miniature “Pushkin and Onegin in St. Petersburg” (1999), are done with an incontestible historical accuracy, with a love of details and semantic implications which let the viewer immerse himself in measured contemplation of them. In the words of the artist, “ . . . whatever tendencies and schools arise in art, the classical approach can never be discarded. Сlassic art is in harmony with the present day, and my immediate task is to get as close as possible to this harmony.


The artist has a permanent gallery in Kazansky Railway Station, in the Tsar’s Tower. His works are found in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State A.S. Pushkin Museum and the Armed Forces Museum in Moscow, the British National Library in London, and in the collection of the President of Russia, V.V. Putin and in other private collections, both in Russia and abroad. Moreover, Dmitry Beliukin was one of the first artists who responded to the idea of resurrecting the idea of travelling exhibitions, so his works can be seen by art lovers throughout Russia.

The exhibition will continue until July 31, 2016. It can be visited from Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00. The cost of a ticket without a guided tour is free for visitors up to 16 years of age; for discount categories of visitors, 15 rubles; and for full-price tickets, 30 rubles. The cost of a ticket with a guided tour is 30 rubles for visitors up to 16 and for discounted visitors, and 45 rubles for full-cost tickets.

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