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„Warm Greetings from On The Road“ Exhibition in Krapivna

14December 21, 2015 - February 7, 2016
Krapivna Local History Museum 

December 21 at 15:00, the Warm Greetings From On the Road exhibition, dedicated to the history of picture postcards, opens at the Krapivna Local History Museum (Shchekino District, village of Krapivna, Sovetskaya Street, 49).

On display will be originals and posters of picture postcards from the museum‘s collection. The museum invites you to see views of St. Petersburg and Moscow, and of Russian and foreign health resorts and provincial towns. In addition to postcards and their reverse sides, visitors can see writing implements: inkwells, paperweights, and pens.


On the day of the exhibition’s opening, the Krapivna museum introduces a new service; now one can mail a postcard from the museum. Postcards of the Krapivna. Retro series are already being issued; the series includes postcards with views of Krapivna based on early 20thcentury photographs. So, you can send a surprise to your family or friends – warm greetings from your trip. Moreover, you can mail a card to yourself, too; it will arrive with the Krapivna postmark and will be a lovely souvenir of your visit to Krapivna.

Postcards with views of cities used to be mailed quite often during travels and tours, and from health or holiday resorts. People used to keep them in albums or give them to their friends. Now we send postcards far less often. They were replaced by photographs that we e-mail or post online. However, such an account of our travels has drawbacks of its own; in a way, it makes history ephemeral. Whereas a real postcard is a document, an object of tangible heritage. We are forgetting what it is like to write and receive letters and cards. But it is not just an important part of our culture, it is also a very pleasant thing to do. 

Background information:


There is no single date when the postcard was introduced, as in every country it happened in its own way. But one of the first mentions of postcards with greetings is dated 1777. Almost a century later, in 1869, the first “correspondence card“ was in circulation in Austro-Hungary. In 1871, such cards began to be issued by postal services in England, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, and other European countries.  

In Russia, the first postcards appeared in 1872; they had no pictures, just an inscription: “form for an open letter.” It is this inscription that gave rise to the Russian word for postcard – “otkrytka” (fromotkryty,” meaning ”open”). In 1894, the first illustrated postcard appeared in Russia.

After the invention of photography and photographic printing, picture postcards became extremely popular. Such postcards preserved for us not only views of central parts of various cities and outstanding architecture, but also views of suburbs, provincial towns, and villages.  

You can visit the exhibition daily from 9:00 to 17:00.  The cost of a ticket with a guided tour is 30 rubles for discount categories of visitors, and 50 rubles for full-price tickets.

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