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Exhibition “A Town As Common As Any Other” at the Krapivna Local History Museum

001November 10 - 29, 2015
Krapivna Local History Museum

On November 10 at 3:00, the exhibition “A Town As Common As Any Other” will open at the Krapivna Local History Museum. It will serve as a kind of analysis of the works of Gleb Uspensky, and of the memoirs and recollections of other authors about Krapivna as literary descriptions of a typical Russian provincial small town. 

The Russian provinces have a large and multifaceted significance for Russia.  The provinces are sources not only of material well-being, but of culture and spirituality.  It is the provinces that gave Russia such people as the chemist Mendeleev, the scholar Pavlov, the composer Tchaikovsky, the actor Shchepkin, the artist Polenov, the writers Bunin, Turgenev, Leskov, Chernyshevsky, and many other great minds, without whom Russian science and art are unimaginable.


On the other hand, the provinces are often associated with backwardness and narrow-mindedness, boredom, and shallow interests.  It is not surprising that provincial life often came under the focus of Russian writers. In particular, the district city of Krapivna is described in stories and is recalled in the letters of Gleb Uspensky.

In literary works, a large number of both positive and negative descriptions of such towns are to be found. They include the architectural particularities, the description of the establishments, and everyday life, traditions, and morals of the residents, their interests and tastes, worldview and manner of speech. And the literary descriptions often differ favorably from the historical ones, inasmuch as a writer, as a master of style and a careful observer, may notice seemingly secondary, minor details, of a type not to be found in documentary sources.

You can visit the exhibition daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The cost of a ticket with a guided tour is 30 rubles for discount categories of visitors, and 50 rubles for full-price tickets.

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