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“Painting with Words“ Exhibition at the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery
00038November 13 - December 25, 2015
Yasnaya Polyana Gallery

You are welcome to the “Painting with Words“ exhibition from the collection of the State V. Mayakovsky Museum.

The main idea of the exhibition is to show the many-faceted talent of representatives of the Russian avant-garde. The visitors will be able to see unique paintings and drawings by Vladimir Mayakovsky and the futurist artists David Burliuk, Vasily Kamensky, Sergey Bobrov, Olga Rozanova and others, and also ROSTA Windows posters and a book signed by Mayakovsky. The exhibition is part of the “Unknown Things about Known People” Project of the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery.   


The art of the Russian avant-garde is characterized by a strong connection between poetry and painting. Vladimir Mayakovsky and David Burliuk had an artistic education. Many of the poets, including Vasily Kamensky, painted. Some Russian avant-garde artists wrote poems.

The objects the visitors can see at the exhibition show art based on a synthesis of various esthetic practices and artistic methods. Painting and drawing done by wordsmiths encourages one to think of the nature of talent and the multifaceted forms of its expression, and the skillfulness of their works makes us, with pride and interest, turn to the Russian avant-garde.   


Background information:

Vladimir Mayakovsky attended art studios and the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Designed his own books. In 1919, began working as a caricaturist and poster designer at the ROSTA Windows studio. Mayakovsky is rightfully considered one of the founders of the genre of propaganda posters.

David Burliuk participated in many art exhibitions and wrote provocative poems. In his works, he developed the concept of “texture” fighting against the smooth surface of academic painting and the melodic phonetics of the symbolists.

Olga Rozanova is mostly known as an artist and an illustrator of cubo-futurist books. Vasily Kamensky, Sergey Gorodetsky, Igor Terentiev, Sergey Bobrov and Nikolai Kulbin showed their talent in different arts. Their “unknown“ poems and drawings will present new facets of known people‘s talent to the audience.


About the project:

The “Unknown Things about Known People“ Series is an exhibition project of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum, which offers visitors the chance to see little-known works by recognized masters. The project started in October 2014 with the “Unknown Mashkov“ exhibition from the collection of the I.I. Mashkov Volgograd Fine Arts Museum.

You can visit the exhibition from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00.  The cost of a ticket without a guided tour: free for visitors under 16; 15 rubles for discount categories of visitors; 30 rubles for full-price tickets. The cost of a ticket with a guided tour: 30 rubles for visitors under 16 and discounted categories; 45 rubles for full-price tickets.
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