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Exhibition “Light Ineffable…”

afisha_1February 27 - March 20, 2015 
Yasnaya Polyana Gallery 

On February 27 at 14:00 the “Ineffable Light…” exhibition, dedicated to the Orthodox history of the Tambov Region and to the 100th anniversary of the canonization of St. Pitirim, the Bishop of Tambov,   will open at the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery.

On display there are more than 200 objects from the collections of the Tambov Regional History Museum, the Morshansk History and Art Museum, the Tambov Society of Lovers of Local History, and from the private collections of M. Semenov and M. Nikolsky. Several sections of the exhibition will acquaint the visitors with works of Christian art and worship books.


Among the exhibits are works of Russian icon-painting of the 18th-19th centuries done in various styles and traditions. Of great interest are icons by the modern Tambov artist Mikhail Nikolsky who continues the traditions of established Orthodox icon-panting. The rare graphical pages of the Book of Genesis and Apocalypse of the “Bible of Vasily Koren” in the reprint edition of D.A. Rovinsly are now a bibliographical and museum rarity. And the documents, telling about the history of the Tambov eparchy, and the hand-written and early printed worship books are exhibited for the first time. 


A special spiritual atmosphere at the exhibition is created by the 18th-19th-century original Morshansk wooden sculptures, which are of great historical, artistic and scholarly interest. Another section of the exhibition will acquaint the visitors with objects of Christian repoussage of the 11th-19th centuries from the rich collection of the Tambov Society of Lovers of Local History and the private collection of Mikhail Semenov.  


The conceptual keynote of the exhibition is the images of the most revered saints of Tambov: St. Pitirim, St. Seraphim of Sarov, and St. Luka (Voino-Yasenetsky).

The “Light Ineffable…” exhibition project opens new prospects for inter-museum cooperation between the Tambov and Tula regions, and improves cultural connections and popularization of the historical and spiritual heritage of Russia. 

The Yasnaya Polyana Gallery is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 19:00. 

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