The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Exhibition “Creative Atmosphere”

_01February 19 - March 4, 2015 
Yasnaya Polyana Estate-Museum, Volkonsky House

On February 19 at 15:00, an exhibition of works by employees of the museum’s section of restoration, preservation and development of creative traditions will open in the Exhibition Hall of the Volkonsky House. The title of the exhibition reveals its authors’ idea – to immerse the visitors into the atmosphere of their creative work. 


The exhibition will show works created by Yasnaya Polyana’s ceramicists created in the last few years and from the museum’s collection; skeleton-dolls in traditional Russian costumes; the Christmas collection of dolls based on the memoirs of Leo Tolstoy's family members; and scale models of a 19th-century park, a 19th-century peasant farmstead, a 19th-century mill, and the coachman’s house.

A ceramics workshop will be offered at the opening of the exhibition.


The exhibition will also include photographs of the craftsmen at work taken by Alexander Plyakin. Their enthusiasm for their craft, attentive attitude to traditions, and efforts to create an original style of their own, due to which the Yasnaya Polyana souvenirs have already gained a reputation, surely deserve respect. The essence of their work is to a large extent conveyed by Leo Tolstoy’s words, “He is happy who is happy at his own home.”


With this exhibition, the craftsmen also pay tribute to the contribution to the development of their work made by their former colleagues, Lyudmila Makarova and Vladimir Chernov.

Admission is free.

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