The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Photo Exhibition “Nature of Places Associated with Tolstoy”


January 23, 2015 at 14:00 in the Krapivna Regional Museum (Shchekinskiy District, Krapivna Village, Sovetskaya St., 49), a photo exhibition of works by our colleague Alexander Plyakin will open. The exhibition will feature about 50 works that depict the charming nature of places associated with Tolstoy.

The visitors will see the familiar landscapes of the estates of Yasnaya Polyana, Nikolskoye-Vyazemskoye, and Pirogovo, and the old town of Krapivna, taken at various times of year. Many of these works have been published in various publications, which will also be displayed at the exhibition.


“Getting out in the open air is a wonderful opportunity to distract oneself from the hustle and bustle and be alone with yourself, and to think about things,” says the photographer. “I studied the photographs in the museums’ collections and for my own photographs I try to choose new and unexpected views. In fact, my work in this exhibition will appear in a totally different perspective. In the process of preparing it I reread Tolstoy’s diaries and found in them quite a few lines which corresponded to my mood: “. . . I went through the forests and my thought really flowed. The meaning of life seemed to be so clear.”


This is Alexander Plyakin’s third personal exhibition: in 2000 his works were shown in Yasnaya Polyana and Shchekino under the title “Yasnaya Polyana – Seasons of the Year.” In 2005 in the Russian Cultural Foundation (Moscow) his second exhibition was held, “Provincial Studies.”

Alexander Plyakin began work at the Yasnaya Polyana Museum-Estate in 1989 as a tour guide. At present he is the editor of the press service department, and prepares photographic accounts of practically all the museum’s events. His photographs illustrate the guidebook to the Leo Tolstoy House, materials about the museum in a variety of publications, and also advertising leaflets, booklets, and calendars.


He has his own publications in the journals “Moscow Today & Tomorrow,” “Life on an Estate,” “A Touristic Olympus,” “The Museum,” “Names,” and others. In 2011 his works were used in the book by Raphael Löwenfeld  “The First Biography of Leo Tolstoy,” from Phoenix publishers of Rostov-on-the-Don.

The exhibition will last until February 17. It will be open every day from 9:00 to 17:00.

The exhibition and an excursion will cost 30 rubles for discount categories and 50 rubles for full-cost tickets. 

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