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Exhibition “Lyubov Talimonova. Ways and Paths of Life”

_._December 23, 2014 - January 21, 2015
Local History Museum of Krapivna 

Shortly before the New Year, an exhibition of art works by Lyubov Talimonova (1971-2011) will open in Krapivna. “Painting for me is a whole story, legend, fairy tale, which I am telling people without using words,” the artist used to say. Her life may have been short, but very few people are able to create an entire world during their lives and give it to people, moreover while constantly trying to overcome pain. 

Lyubov Talimonova wrote and illustrated more than 100 fairy tales for children and adults, wrote many poems, and created over 600 paintings in the genre of cosmism. Man's place in the Universe, and the interconnection and interdependence of stars and people is one of the main subjects of her creative work. On display at the exhibition in Krapivna will be 35 of the artist’s works that were returned to Russia from Great Britain where she spent the last years of her life.  


Talimonova’s artistic career began when she was 18, at which time she lived in Tula. In 1991, her first album, “My World,” was published and also her first book, “The Ancient World in My Hands,” which was the next year recognized as the best book of the year by the Moscow Society of Bibliophiles. In February 1992, the first exhibition of Lyubov’s paintings took place in Kiev. The cheerful paintings, each of which was a symphony of color and light, belied great personal hardships.

The geography of Lyubov Talimonova’s exhibitions (there were over 30 of them in her lifetime) is not only broad, but also unusual. It includes Russia, Ukraine, Poland, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, China, and… Space. In 1992-93, paintings of the quite young artist spent six months in space traveling aboard the “Mir” space station, as can be seen from astronauts’ autographs and postmarking of her works while in space.   


The originality of the artist’s contribution to the development of ideas of Russian cosmic philosophy (cosmism) is marked by a certificate of the 10th Congress of the International Association of Space Flight Participants. She received this award just like the science fiction writer I.A. Efremov, the explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and the cosmist artist V.T. Chernovolenko. Lyubov Talimonova was a member of the British Society of Authors and of the Society for Art of Imagination. Her paintings are kept in museums and private collections in many countries.

In Tula, the city where Lyubov created her first paintings and poems, a large exhibition of her works was organized in March and April of 2014. It showed over 120 of the artist’s paintings and drawings. In addition, meetings are held at village schools in Tula Region, at which school students get acquainted with Lyubov Talimonova’s works.

The exhibition in Krapivna will be open every day, from 9:00 to 17:00. More information about the artist and her works can be found at the web site

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