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Exhibition “History of a House – History of a Family”
adamovichAugust 27 – September 30, 2014
Shchekino Art and Local History Museum (Tula Region, Shchekino, Lenin St., 18/16)

From August 27, the travelling exhibition “History of a House – History of a Family” will be on display at the Art and Local History Museum of the town of Shchekino. This exhibition of the Krapivna Local History Museum will tell its visitors about the life and traditions of merchant families of Krapivna and about their houses that have been preserved to the present day. 

The history of any town is, first of all, its people who lived in it before and who are living in it now. To respect one’s ancestors and to cherish the memory of them used to be almost a sacred duty of each person. Now fewer people know something about their ancestors, though interest in one’s family background has been growing lately. People gradually are beginning to understand that it is only possible to leave your name in your family history if you also pay homage to your ancestors.  

Everyone, probably, has tried more than once to put the family archive in better order, to arrange old photographs and documents in an album, to make a record of interesting facts of one’s ancestors’ lives, and even to put together a family tree, but having encountered difficulties remembered his or her grandparents and was sorry he didn’t find time to ask them more questions about his great-grandparents and their work and interests.

The travelling exhibition “History of a House – History of a Family” tells us about the importance of ties between generations. One of its tasks is to show visitors how vital it is to leave information about our own families to our descendants, to compose our genealogies and to preserve family archives for future family members.

Photographs of Krapivna merchant families, their personal documents, and objects that reflect the life and customs of bygone days will be displayed.

The exhibition will be open until September 30, 2014. 
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