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Yulia Bugueva’s Exhibition “HAMLETYORICK”
July 5-20, 2014
Yasnaya Polyana Estate, Volkonsky House

The opening of the exhibition was July 4 at 4:00 p.m.

The exhibition was organized as part of the U.K.-Russia Year of Culture 2014, the Russian Year of Culture, and the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the birth of the famous English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare.

Yulia Bugueva is a graphic artist and sculptor, a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, and a continuous exhibitor at the Exhibition Center of the Library of Foreign Literature. In 2011-2012 through joint efforts such exhibitions as “A Meeting with Dante” and “SILENTIUM” were held not only at the Library itself, but in other prestigious forums in London, Rome, and Florence. These exhibitions were widely noted in the Russian and foreign press and on many television programs. The artist’s works are in museums and private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, the U.S., and other places.


HAMLETYORICK is a new project done especially by the artist for the anniversary exhibition at the Library. It includes a series of graphic works inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, one of the most famous and complex plays in the world. “These 37 drawings are no more and no less than the story of how Hamlet and I figured each other out and managed to solve a mystery that was surprisingly similar for each of us” (Yulia Bugueva). 

The artist used the world of images and symbols of the tragedy in a visual interpretation, embodying them in a series of works: “Dance of Death,” “Yorick,” and “Transformation.”  In Yulia’s drawings there is a strong impression that the pencil lines reflect the most subtle spiritual suffering, and the usage of color imparts a tension to the image.

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