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Exhibition “The Poetry of the Folk Costume”


May 22 – July 15, 2014
Local History Museum of Krapivna

Opening of the exhibition: on May 21 at 14:00

You are welcome to visit the exhibition “Poetry of Folk Costumes” where you can see items of traditional women’s clothing of different districts of Tula Province and neighboring provinces. All the items displayed belong to the collection of the Shchekino Art and Local History Museum. 

The collection of folk costumes in the Shchekino Museum is 30 years old. It was gathered bit by bit, as local residents and residents of neighboring villages brought clothes of their grandmothers and great-grandmothers to the museum. Those items were given, as part of a dowry, from mothers to daughters, and every woman tried to preserve them for the next generation.


Each item in the collection is over 100 years old. They were made from homespun canvas or wool cloth. Thin well-bleached canvas was used for making festive clothes, and a coarser canvas for everyday clothes. Wool cloth was for outdoor clothing.

Skirts and ponyovas (a special type of skirts worn only by married women) were usually sewn from dyed cloth with a checkered or striped pattern. Along the bottom edge, they were decorated with multicolored strips of fabric, golden threads, and laces. The ponyovas displayed at the exhibition are all from villages of Krapivna District (Bogoroditskiye Dvoriki, Trosna, Telyatinki). Embroidered shirts, jackets, and sarafans (pinafore dresses) came from villages of Krapivna, Efremov, Odoev, Bogoroditsk, and Belyov Districts. 

IMG_0117One of the most essential parts of folk costumes was a headdress. In the 19th century, a traditional kokoshnik gave way to factory-made kerchiefs and shawls with printed patterns. They could be festive and casual and were made from silk or wool and decorated with a border or a fringe. At the exhibition you can see kerchiefs from Oryol and villages of Krapivna District.  

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