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Exhibition of Maria Arshakyan “The Travel Album”
mailApril 26 - May 25, 2014
"Yasnaya Polyana" Gallery

Opening of the exhibition: on APril 25 at 17:00

You are welcome to attend a personal exhibition by Maria Arshakyan, “The Travel Album.” It is the second exhibition of this author at Yasnaya Polyana; the previous one was shown at our museum in 2010. “The Travel Album” includes 90 drawings and paintings done during her trips to Italy, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Germany, France, Bulgaria, and Portugal, both at open-air sessions and in the studio. 


Maria Arshakyan’s works are characterized by an intense bright colorfulness and capture the atmosphere of her subjects, and the carefully chosen point of view conveys the typical national features of the places the artist has been. In her paintings and water-colors the precise rendering of details captures the viewer’s attention, and makes one admire the architecture and landscapes, inspiring a kaleidoscope of impressions.  


After she graduated from the Art Faculty of the State Pedagogical University in Oryol in 1995, Maria Arshakyan worked as a designer at the Publishing Center of the Tula Pedagogical University named after Leo Tolstoy, combining her creative work with teaching painting and drawing at the departments of Engineering Graphics and Design” and “Urban Development and Architecture” at Tula State University.   

Since 2001, as an employee of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum, Maria has designed a number of publishing projects and travelling exhibitions, among them: “Philipok,” “The Three Bears,” “What Men Live By,” “The Orchard of Leo Tolstoy,” “Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace,” “Cultural Traditions of the Tolstoy Family,” an exhibition devoted to Tolstoy’s sister Maria, and “Life Is Motion.”  

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