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Exhibition “The Wonderful World of Old Dolls”
teaFebruary 15 – March 30, 2014
"Yasnaya Polyana" Gallery 

Opening of the exhibition: February 14 at 17:00

We invite you to see an unusual exhibition that shows objects from the collection of the Museum of Unique Dolls, Moscow. Each of the old dolls displayed here is a true artwork that has its own story to tell. In our gallery, you will be able to peep into the past, learn all the dolls’ secrets, and have a little “doll therapy” session.   


The Museum of Unique Dolls has a unique collection of masterpieces by doll makers of past centuries. It was established in 1996 by Yulia Vishnevskaya, a well-known collector and stage designer.

The museum’s collection contains about six thousand objects: porcelain, wax, and wooden dolls made by the best masters from France, England, Germany, Japan, and Russia in the late 17th – early 20th centuries; and various items related to dolls: clothes and shoes, hats and umbrellas, various decorations and accessories, silver cutlery and miniature furniture, and doll houses that very accurately imitate the architectural styles and traditions of their time. Everything is made with astonishing thoroughness and verisimilitude and fully corresponds to the life of a real young lady, but in miniature.  


True masterpieces are mechanical dolls and dolls that are music boxes of the late 19th century – a joint work of doll and clock masters. The pride of the museum collection is Russian porcelain dolls produced by the factories of Zhuravlyov and Koshechkov, Fedoseev, and Dunaev.

The collection of the Museum of Unique Dolls is constantly growing. Quite often, owners of dolls donate them to the museum so that they can “start a new life” there. The dolls are then carefully restored, dressed in the clothes corresponding to the time of their “birth,” and each of them is given her own place in the museum exhibition. Diligent work, time, and love bring the doll back to “life” and she fits in with more and more of her new friends. Years of collecting give knowledge to the collector: the dolls are not only beautiful, but each of them has a story of her own, a birthplace, masters and factories, and material and a costume. The doll is transformed from a toy into an artwork, and a symbol of its time.  
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