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Exhibition “The Echo of the War”
3November 29, 2013 – January 10, 2014
Local History Museum of Krapivna

Exhibition opens November 29, at 15:00

You are invited to an exhibition dedicated to the liberation of the village of Krapivna from the fascist German aggressors. It describes the occupation of Krapivna in 1941 and memorializes its residents, the unknown soldiers and famous heroes, those who died and those who came through the battle, the fallen and the survivors.

During all the years of the war residents of Krapivna fought bravely with the enemy. There is no category of armed forces in which our fellows did not serve—they were marines, sailors, artillerists, pilots, and guerrillas. They bravely and steadfastly bore the soldier’s lot and were victorious in the long and terrible war. There is not a family that did not experience the loss of a husband, son, or brother.


During the summer and autumn of 1941 the forces of the Red Army retreated to the east.  In October 1941 in the Krapivna-Shchekino region the defense fell to the 290th Artillery Division. Under attack from the tanks of the army of Guderian on October 30 the remnants of this division retreated from Krapivna. The occupation lasted until December 19 — 52 days. During this time all industrial enterprises were destroyed, and utility lines, schools, and collective farms were damaged.

The peaceful population of Krapivna did not submit to the aggressors. People destroyed and hid provisions from the enemy and wrecked weapons and equipment. Two Krapivna boys, Yuriy (Yura) Daev and Nikolai (Kolya) Zalessky, killed an enemy machine-gunner  with a weapon that was among the arms stolen from the Germans, and took from him  the regimental standard and a battle plan.

December 19, 1941, units of the 298th Artillery division and the cavalryman of the Second Cavalry Corps, liberated Krapivna.  As a result of the offensive of the units of the Red Army in Krapivna Region units of Guderian’s Second Tank Army and the 296th (“Deer’s Head”) Infantry Division were defeated.

Immediately after the liberation, a common grave was dug not far from the central square. In it were buried the remains of more than 40 soldiers and officers of the 217th and 324th artillery divisions of the 50th army, who fell in battles for the liberation of Krapivna and other villages – Krapivna Sloboda, Pushkarskaya Sloboda, Zhilaya Sloboda, Prudy and Yartsevo, those who died from wounds in mobile hospital number 681, and those who died performing tasks in the line of duty. Their names were entered on a memorial board at the common grave. The grave was decorated by the addition of a sculptural monument depicting two figures standing erect, one of a soldier in a martial cloak and one of a woman wearing boots, both with slightly inclined heads.  Lindens, birches, and lilacs are planted around the monument. Since 1957, students of the Krapivna School have tended the grave. 

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