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Exhibition “Traditional Tula Toys”

Afisha_Glina2November 17 – December 8, 2013
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Free admission. More information at +7 (4872) 47-35-80

On November 17, at 13:00 you are welcome to attend the opening of the exhibition “Traditional Tula Toys” whose authors are the craftswomen Irina Bezhina and Olga Andreeva. The opening ceremony will be followed by a workshop on making clay toys. 

The Tula toys were first mentioned in 1912, but they had become popular long before the 20th century. After the October revolution this craft was undeservedly neglected. Irina Bezhina and Olga Andreeva are reviving and developing it.     

These original toys are usually figures of people and sometimes animals. These toys do not come in many varieties; most often they are ladies with umbrellas, walking or dancing couples, horseback riders, a milkmaid and a cow, or monks and nuns.  Their specific feature is their elongated proportions, their emphasized verticality. The toys are made of clay and then painted. 

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