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"Indian Summer" - Exhibition of Works of the Artists’ Group “Four Elements

P10102171October 15-18, 2013
Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center premises

You are invited to an unusual exhibition that has not been seen before in central Russia. These are works of the artists’ group “Four Elements,” created on wood with hand-painted work. The wooden painted butterflies and cats will be waiting for visitors to the outdoor exhibition on the lawn at the Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center premises.


Indian summer is a wonderful but short-lived time. The warmth and sun remind one of the summer past, and the air and earth are filled with a “summer essence.” The gardens and parks attract every living thing to themselves. City dwellers want to take walks, birds have not yet flown south, butterflies are still on the wing, and our little brothers the cats and kittens are also ready to bask in the sun and may be found on the ground.

Butterflies are a symbol of nature’s purity and of life itself; they are like multicolored flowers which brighten up the landscape, filling it with a playful moving atmosphere. Cats and kittens are remarkable creatures, capable of moving almost everyone. The lawn of the garden or park on which they play is the best place for them.

___2012The exhibition “Indian Summer” will be shown at Yasnaya Polyana as part of the International Academic and Practical Conference “Historic Gardens and Parks.” Its authors are the well-known professional artists from Petersburg who make up the artist’s group “The Four Elements.”

The project has existed since 2009 and at present includes more than 200 works. The previously compiled collections of painted wooded fish, birds, horses, and angels symbolize the 4 habitats –- water, air, earth, and fire. The collection “Valley of Butterflies” and “The Cat’s Garden,” part of which will be displayed at Yasnaya Polyana, represent the elements of air and earth. They were made for the festival “The Imperial Gardens of Russia” in the Mikhailovsky Garden of the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg in 2012-13.


Artists A. Bazarin, A. Lytkin, A. Lipatova, E. Belik, I. Tarasiuk, O. Syskova, A. Kazhdan, A. Motylev, O. Kulikov, O. Kapustina, V. Khudobko, A. Gromov, S. Borodkin, O. Dolzhenkova, and others are participating in the exhibition. Each of them is showing his version of a butterfly and a cat, made with various techniques—painting, applied arts, or elements of installation.

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