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Exhibition of Old and Rare Cookbooks
cook1October 12 - November 3, 2013
"Yasnaya Polyana" Gallery, Tula, Oktyabrskaya St. 12

Opening of the exhibition: on October 11 at 16:00

On October 11 an exhibition of old and rare cookbooks opens at the “Yasnaya Polyana” Gallery in Tula. The exhibition is part of the project “The Anke Pie, or Secrets of Country Estate Cuisine.”  On  display are Russian and foreign recipe books and culinary dictionaries of the 18th-20th centuries, kept at the State Public Historical Library and in the private collection of Olga and Pavel Syutkin. The highlight of the exhibition is the original of the handwritten “Sophia Tolstaya’s Cook Book,” which is now kept at the State Tolstoy Museum in Moscow.  

The recipes included by Sophia in this book often reveal traditions of the Tolstoy family. For example, there are recipes for apple kvass from Leo Tolstoy’s sister Maria; foamy wine from the Perfilievs – the family of Tolstoy’s second cousin; Bers style apple pies (Bers was Sophia’s maiden name); and, of course, the Anke Pie – a recipe from the Bers family doctor Nikolai Anke. 


In addition, visitors to the exhibition will see such unique editions as “Всеобщий полный и совершенный кандитор, или наука кандиторского искусства для всех состояний” ( СПб, 1811) [ “The Complete Candy Recipe Book, Or the Science of the Confectioner’s Art for Persons of All Means” (St. Petersburg, 1811)], “Ручная книга в кухне и погребе для русской хозяйки” (М., 1854) [“The Russian Homemaker’s Handbook for the Kitchen and Cellar,” (Moscow, 1854)], Dictionnaire portative de cuisine, d’office, et de distillation (Paris, 1770) [“The Portable Dictionary of Cooking, the Office, and Distilling” (Paris, 1770)].

During the exhibition the following events will take place in the gallery:

October 20, at 14:00 - Food photo workshop by Mikhail Kudryashov and Alina Golub;

November 1, at 14:00 – Presentation of the new edition of “Sophia Tolstaya’s Cook Book” with experts’ commentary and of the mobile application “Sophia Tolstaya’s Cook Book” for the iPhone.

The “Anke Pie, or Secrets of the Country Estate Cuisine” project is a series of events that reveal the gastronomic aspect of estate life in the 19th-early 20th centuries. As part of the project we are offering culinary workshops at which dishes based on Sophia Tolstaya’s recipes are cooked and lectures on the history of Russian Cuisine, getting ready for the production and sale of the Anke Pie in our special packaging, preparing a new edition of “Sophia Tolstaya’s Cook Book,” and developing a culinary application for the iPhone. In 2012 the project became a winner of the grant contest of museum projects “The Changing Museum in the Changing World” organized by V. Potanin’s Foundation in the category “The Museum and Tourism Technologies.” In September 2013 a gastronomical tour was also introduced at the Yasnaya Polyana Museum.

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