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Exhibition of Ceramic Toys by Yuri Zhilyaev

Afisha_GlinaOctober 5-27, 2013
"All Arts" Souvenir Shop, Tula, Oktyabrskaya St., 12

Dear friends, you are welcome to an exhibition by Yuri Zhilyaev that opens on October 5 at 13:00. Right after the opening you can participate in a workshop conducted by the author of the exhibition. For more information contact us at +7 48751 473580.

The Belyov ceramic toy is still rather a little known craft, and it is quite unique. These toys used to be made from clay which was obtained near the town of Belyov (in Tula Region) and which was highly valued for its strength and heat resistance. Some of them were preserved up to the present as souvenirs. For a long time this craft was in oblivion, but in 1988 it was revived.

The economic crisis of the mid 1990s hindered the process of reviving the original souvenir again, but in 2005 this craft was brought back to life by Belyov Art School teacher Yuri Zhilyaev.

Within the last 8 years Yuri not only managed to reproduce early and little-known toys, but also to preserve their style and characteristic features and to design new toys. His works were shown in the festivals “The Boat” and “The Russian Field” (Moscow), “The Left-handed” (Tula), and the festivals in the towns of Sudzha in Kursk region (2011) and Odoev (2013).

In addition to traditional toys, the craftsman exhibits works in the category of “designer toy” in which he also created a number of original series. Some of those toys are also on display at his exhibition in Tula.

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