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Photo Exhibition “Krapivna. Retro”

108_2September 29 – October 20, 2013
Local History Museum of Krapivna

Dear friends, you are welcome to visit an exhibition whose title speaks for itself: “Krapivna. Retro” is a photo chronicle of the old town created jointly by the Krapivna Museum staff and local residents. The photographs on display are true witnesses to their times. Among them are picturesque views of Krapivna and photos of Krapivna residents taken at the turn of the 20th century and during Soviet times.

More photographs can be seen here >>>

Earlier photos show amusements of young people from merchant families, the first meal after the fast at Easter, actors of the amateur theater in 1909, or firemen in the early 20th century. In the photos of the Soviet period we see paving of the streets in 1930, the issuance of passports in 1933 and elections in 1947, a meeting of pilots with Kalinin and a gathering of pioneers, or a celebration of the victory on May 9, 1945. Portrait photos capture the faces of a local merchant woman, the scientist Konstantinov’s family, and the head of the Krapivna militia in the 1920s.

These photographs create a vivid picture of the town’s life at the critical stages of our history. The main criterion of selecting photographs for the exhibition (both from the museum’s collection and personal collections of local residents) was their originality, which brings us face to face with the past.    

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