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«Peasant Life»: New Permanent Exhibition at Our Krapivna Branch


From March 26, 2013
Local History Museum of Krapivna

Opening of the exhibition: on March 25 at 15.00

We invite you to visit the new permanent exhibition at our branch in Krapivna: «The Peasant Life». It is an interactive exhibition; everyday objects of the peasant life on display are all hands-on, and there are peasant costumes to try on.

Our exhibition will tell you about traditional occupations and entertainments of Russian peasants; you will hear folk tales and humorous stories and sayings, and get acquainted with children’s folklore and different kinds of traditional toys.

peasant_life2We organize interactive workshops for children of different ages within the exhibition rooms. It’s much easier to tell children about the life of peasants using fairytales; but on the other hand, museum objects become a good illustration to a tale and help connect the past and the present: now we sleep on beds - and in old peasant houses they used to sleep on sleeping benches or on trunks, we cook in saucepans – and they used cast-iron pots etc.

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