The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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With a Chisel and a Brush – exhibition of Ivan Shcherbino at our branch in Krapivna


February 21  – March 20, 2013
Local History Museum of Krapivna

Opening: on February 20 at 15.00

You are welcome to visit the exhibition of works by Ivan Shcherbino – one of the most well-known artists and engravers of the Tula Arms Factory. His talent shows, first of all, in designing beautiful collection guns, but not only; painting also means a lot to the artist. 

At our exhibition, you can see numerous sketches and photographs of Ivan Shcherbino’s engraved works (decorated guns, memorial signs, gun cases) and paintings (landscapes of Middle Russia). Among the sketches and photographs, there are images of such unique items as the gun specially designed to commemorate Leo Tolstoy’s 150th birthday, the hunting gun devoted to 250th birthday of the Tula Arms factory and presented to Nikita Khrushchev, or a souvenir hunting gun made for the celebration of 50th anniversary of the Soviet power.

Ivan Schcherbino’s works are notable for their virtuosity, originality of composition, elegance and diversity of techniques of working with wood and metal. His guns have often represented the skill of Tula gunsmiths at international exhibitions, which took place in Poland, Yugoslavia, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries. His works can be seen on display at the Moscow Kremlin Armory and the Tula Arms Museum, and many of them belong to private collectors both in Russia and abroad.  

The artist’s paintings mostly show the environs of Yasnaya Polyana and the Oka River, picturesque streets of Tula, and also other places he has visited, among them the Crimea and the Caucasus.
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