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Exhibition «The Language of the Hand Fan»

December 20, 2012 – February 17, 2013
Yasnaya Polyana Gallery (Tula, Oktyabrskaya 12)

Photos are here: News/Photos

From December 20, every visitor to the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery in Tula has a chance to learn a new language – that of the hand fan. Before coming to our gallery in Tula, the exhibition «Language of the Hand Fan» (from the collection of Tatiana Makeeva) has already been shown in MoscowRyazan and some other Russian cities. On display, you can see hand fans made in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries in different countries; there are fans form ChinaFrance, and England, fans that belonged to famous women, and also paintings and etchings. 

Exhibition «Kun Diono» «People of the Sun»
Exhibition of paintings by Andrei Chikachev (Yakutia, Russia) 
September 29 - October 27, 2012
Yasnaay Polyana, Volkonsky House


Author of the exhibition Andrei Chikachev (born in 1967) is one of the most interesting modern artists of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). His works can be found in museums and private collections in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, South Corea, Germany, Japan, and Russia.

Exhibition «In Search Of Harmony»


Co-project of the cratswoman Anna Boeva (Bogoroditsk, Tula Region) and the poetess Olga Evsiukova (Tula)

September 9 - October 30, 2012
Cultural and Exhibition Center (village of Yasnaya Polyana, 142A)

This project is a charming combination of poetry and applied arts: inspired by poems, elegant and skillfully made straw compositions "transform" the verse into a tangible reality.  

Exhibition devoted to Leo Tolstoy’s sister Maria Tolstoy

August 19 – October 28, 2012 

Yasnaya Polyana Art Gallery (Tula, Oktyabrskaya 12)

The exhibition tells the story of the long and complicated life of the great author's only sister Maria (1830 - 1912).

Having inherited traits of character of her both parents – such as honesty, sincerity, and frankness – Maria was very close to her brother Leo Tolstoy in many respects, and their correspondence clearly demonstrates that.

Married off at an early age, Maria lived at her husband's estate of Pokrovskoye, a beautiful but secluded place. Fortunately, there were interesting people among her neighbours; one of them was the famous writer Ivan Turgenev who devoted one of his works to Maria Tolstoy.

«The Golden Section», Exhibition of Drawings by Ugo Nespolo (Italy)
July 7-29, 2012
Yasnaya Polyana museum-estate, Volkonsky House 
The exhibition is organized by Enzo Fornaro, - a well known Italian curator who has been in close cooperation with Russian museums for many years. This time he presents works of one of Italy's well known multifaceted artists - Ugo Nespolo, whose book on the golden section - «The Golden Number» - was published by the oldest Italian publishing house.

The exhibition shows the drawings published in the book, as well as the introduction by the mathematician Federico Peiretti, who explains the history and meaning of the golden section through the centuries.
See the website of the artist:

Exhibition of War and Peace Project
June 23 - July 22, 2012
Yasnaya Polyana Art Gallery (Tula, Oktyabrskaya 12)

Exhibition of collages made of out of every page of Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace". Opening of the exhibition is on 22th June at 4 pm.

«Welcome to the War and Peace Project - a collaborative project that I started in late 2009. Since early 2010, I worked with a small team of artist friends at our studio in East Boston, Massachusetts. We call ourselves "Team Tolstoy". We set out to make a collage out of every page of War and Peace. After 2 years of working together every week, we realized our goal -- to complete 749 collages.
Exhibition «The Unground. Experience of Spiritual Resistance in the Urals in the XXth Century»
neperemolApril 8 - 29, 2012, Yasnaya Polyana Art Gallery
(Tula, Oktyabrskaya 12)

Opening of the exhibition: on April 7th at 2.00 pm

Opening hoursWednesday - Sunday, 11.00 am - 6.00 pm

Special tour of the exhibition are offered on Saturdays and Sundays at 1.00 p.m. (in Russian only)

Exhibition «Facets of the Beautiful»
March 2-28, 2012, Local History Museum in Krapivna
Exhibition of the members of Russia Union of artists (Tula branch)

Photo exhibition by Jose Romanov «Spain: A Look from Within»
From February 11, 2012, in the Yasnaya Polyana Art Gallery (Tula, Oktyabrskaya 12). Opening of the exhibition - at 4.00 pm

Exhibition «Master and Disciple. Water-colour Painting School of Sergey Andriyaka»

December 27, 2011 - February 5, 2012, Yasnaya Polyana Art Gallery (Tula, Oktyabrskaya 12)

Organizers of the exhibition: Yasnaya Polyana Museum-estate and Moscow State Water-colour Painting School of Sergey Andriyaka 

Exhibition «Ethno-Art: Yakutia. Yesterday and today»
November 2-12, 2011, Cultural and Exhibition Center in Yasnaya Polyana
Exhibition «The Don River. Sholokhov. Russia»
October 6 - November 25, 2011, Yasnaya Polyana Art Gallery (Tula, Oktyabrskaya 12)

The exhibition tells the visitors about the great Russian writer and Nobel Prize winner Mikhail Sholokhov (1905 – 1984) by means of his personal things and unique documents.

Organized by: RF Ministry of Culture, State Museum-reserve of Mikhail Sholokhov (village of Veshenskaya, Rostov Region), Yasnaya Polyana Museum-estate

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