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Unsystematic Contemporary Poetry Course. Part One


The Yasnaya Polyana Museum and the publishing house Novoye Izdatelstvo are starting a series of meetings with contemporary Russian poets. We offer our audience the chance to get acquainted with the work of authors who belong to different generations, use various social strategies, and create various poetical languages.

These meetings are an attempt to answer the following question: what is happening to Russian poetry today, after artistic discoveries of the 20th century, after Auschwitz, after the break-up of the Soviet Union and the widespread adoption of the Internet? Who needs poetry and why, and how can it be made part of one’s own world?

In 2018, the first three meetings will take place at the Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center. Admission will be free, with registration in advance.

October 13, 15:00

Sergey Gandlevsky and Lev Rubinshtein

Sergey Gandlevsky is a poet, prose writer, and translator. He has been writing poetry since the age of 18; until the second half of the 1980s, his poems were published abroad in the emigré press; since the late 1980s, they have been published in Russia. Winner of numerous literary awards, such as the Small Booker Prize, the Northern Palmyra Prize, the Apollon Grigoryev Award, and the Moskovsky Schet and  Poet awards. He has participated in poetry festivals and readings in Austria, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Japan. Gandlevsky‘s poems and prose have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, LIthuanian, and Japanese.

Lev Rubinshtein is a poet, essayist, and public figure. He has participated in numerous poetry and music festivals, art exhibitions amd events, and is the winner of several major literary awards. Rubinshtein began his literary pursuits as a student in the late 1960s. in 1974, he developed his own style of small literary works consisting of a variety of small parts written down on library cards – a card index. Rubinshtein’s first publications (in Russian and in translation) appeared in the West in the late 1970s, and in Russia in the late 1980s. His texts have been translated into the main European languages.

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November 3, 15:00

Mikhail Aizenberg and Evgeniya Lavut

Evgeniya Lavut is a poet, journalist, and translator. Author of three poetry books: Poems about Gleb, the Kind Master, King David, Foma and Eryoma, Luther, and Others; Cupid and Others; and Afterpoems. Curator of a number of cultural projects, including the ARTGRUZ and Re:ARTGRUZ festivals and Russian and Georgian art; the Project for Tomorrow--CentEast Moscow film forum; and the Poems about Me project in Dom 12. He presently works as an editor at the Corpus publishing house.

Mikhail Aizenberg is a poet, essayist, literary critic, and researcher of unofficial poetry. Winner of the Andrei Bely Award, awards from Znamya and Strelets magazines, and the Anthologia poetry award of Novy Mir magazine. Joseph Brodsky Foundation fellow. Author of eight books of poems and four books of essays. In the 2000s he supervised the publication of poetry book series for the OGI publishing company and for Novoye Izdatelstvo.

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November 24, 15:00

Linor Goralik  and Yuli Gugolev

Linor Goralik is a poet and essayist. Author of three novels (No, jointly with Sergey Kuznetsov; Half the Sky, with Stanislav Lvovsky; and Look at the Birds), several books of poems and books short stories; and translations from Hebrew and English. Creator of the Bunny PTs comics. Winner of the Triumph youth prize, and the Portal award for the book The Folklore of the Sector M1 Inhabitants. A Joseph Brodsky Foundation fellow, in the Poetry category.

Yuli Gugolev is a poet and TV host. Winner of the Moskovsky Schet award. Began publishing his poetry in samizdat (The Third Modernization, Mitya's Magazine, Epsilon-Salon). Beginning in the early 1990s, his poems started to appear in Yunost, Znamya, and October magazines. He has published translations of English-language and Scandinavian poetry, and done a new translation of Brecht's The Threepenny Opera for the Moscow Art Theater (2009; directed by Kirill Serebrennikov).

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