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Jazz Book: Cycle of Lectures and Concerts


The Yasnaya Polyana Museum invites you to a new cycle of lectures on jazz music.

The Book of Jazz consists of three lecture-concerts that tell about vicissitudes in the history of jazz, about its heroes, its genres, and its styles.

The leading lecturer is the radio and television announcer Mikhail Mitropolsky; the lectures will be “illustrated” by leading Russian jazz musicians.  The first lecture will take place on October 21, 2017 at the Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center (Yasnaya Polyana Village, No. 142A).


Jazz became an important part of the culture of the 20th century and influenced not only the formation of other genres of music (academic, rock, and pop), but also other forms of art – theater, literature, and painting.  During its existence jazz has undergone an enormous evolutionary change from folklore into fundamental musical forms.  Over a period of more than one hundred years, many of the major and minor genres and styles followed one another -–pre-jazz genres, blues, early jazz, swing, bebop, funk, free jazz, jazz-rock, fusion, latinjazz, acidjazz, and many others. But for all the variety and influence of jazz, its history remains terra incognita to many, even those who are jazz fans.

At the first meeting we will try to answer a very complicated question: what is jazz?  We will be talking about improvisation and jazz as a form of musical art. Until the end of the year we will be immersing ourselves in the “Golden years of jazz,” and will talk about the relation between jazz and classical music, and get acquainted with the current trends in European jazz. Of course, this will be only a bit of history, as there are decades of development of this art in between these points.  But we hope that visitors to these meetings, in turning the pages of the Book of Jazz together with the musicians, will not only get pleasure from the music, but will feel like true devotees. 


Schedule of Lectures:

October 21, 2017 at 15:00

The Golden Age of Jazz

Kings, presidents, and creators of style. Soloists and combos


With the participation of the Igor Ivanushkin Trio: Igor Ivanushkin (bass), Andrey Agafonov (guitar), Gocha Temirdzhanov (alto saxophone, clarinet).


November 25 at 15:00

Cool Jazz

Intellectual Cool.  The Classics of Cool.  Bridges between the ages


With the participation of the Lev Kushnir Quartet: Lev Kushnir (piano), Viktor Podkorytov (tenor saxophone), Evgeny Ryaboy (drums), Vladimir Chernitsyn (bass).


December 16 at 15:00

European Jazz, or Another Approach

What is happening with the old jazz now.  Improvisation versus composition


With the participation of the “Second Approach Trio”: Andrey Razin (piano), Tatiana Komova (vocals), Igor Ivanushkin (bass).


Admission to the lecture-concerts is by ticket.  Cost of a ticket for one lecture-concert is 500 rubles.  A subscription to all three lectures is 1,200 rubles.


Electronic tickets:


      for the series:


-for single lectures:


Oct. 21:


Nov. 25:


Dec. 16:


Background information:

 Mikhail Mikhailovich Mitropolsky is a jazz critic and radio and television announcer.  A member of the Moscow and International Association of Jazz Journalists (JJA). Has studied jazz music and international musical events for nearly 50 years. Since 1989 he has broadcast radio programs dedicated to jazz music. He has contributed to Radio Mayak, Radio Yunost, “Moscow Speaks,” “Radio Russia,” and a variety of print publications. In 2017 he headed the family educational project “The Musical Non-School” (“Music – Instructions for Use”) for children and their parents.


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