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Lecture by Andrei Kuraev

The protodeacon Andrei Kuraev will present his lecture The Master and Margarita: for or against Christ? at the Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center. The lecture is based on the eponymous book published in 2012. One can register here:

Master and Margarita is a controversial novel. On the one hand, it‘s obviously a work of genius, and there are a great many people who first encountered the image of Christ (albeit a distorted one) and spiritual issues precisely due to this novel. On the other hand, a Christian cannot be comfortable with either Bulgakov’s Yeshua or his Woland. What then could an Orthodox evaluation of Master and Margarita be like?

Father Andrei Kuraev will try to provide such an evaluation. And even if one doesn‘t agree with his opinion, it is nevertheless interesting and well-grounded. His conclusion is truly paradoxical: the Pilate chapters in the novel are Satan’s view of the Gospel, but not the view of Bulgakov himself.

Andrei Kuraev is a Russian religious and public figure, writer, theologist, philosopher, and specialist in Christian philosophy. Author of the official text-book of The Basics of Orthodox Culture, one of the authors of the publication Man. A Philosophical Encyclopedic Dictionary. A protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church, cleric of Archangel Mikhail Church in Troparevo. In 2004-2013, a professor at the Moscow Ecclesiastical Academy. 

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