The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Exhibition „Sophia Tolstaya – the Wife of a Genius.“ Lectures

As part of the Sophia Tolstaya – the Wife of a Genius exhibition, lectures by employees of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum will be offered:

March 22, 2019 – lecture by Svetlana Lyakisheva, S.A. Tolstaya as a Keeper of Country Estate Handicrafts Traditions. The lecture starts at 17:00 and lasts for one hour.

April 5, 2019 lecture by Tatiana Komarova (leading research assistant of the Tolstoy House), About Sophia Tolstaya. The lecture is focused on the life and creative heritage of the writer’s wife, and her public, charitable, and curatorial activities. The lecture starts at 17:00 and lasts for one hour.

Admission to the lectures is by tickets. Cost of a ticket – 50 rubles. They can be purchased at the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery right before the lectures. Those attending the lectures can also see the Sophia Tolstaya – the Wife of a Genius exhibition.

More information at +7 (4872) 47-35-80. 

The Most French Jazz at Yasnaya Polyana

April 6, Dmitry_Kuptsov_band_2019 at 15:00
Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center

You are welcome to meet Dmitry Kuptsov‘s group. This instrumental quartet from Moscow plays music in the jazz manouche style – the most French form of jazz in jazz. Admission by tickets. Cost of a ticket – 500 rubles. Tickets can be purchased at the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery (+7 4872 473580), Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center (+7 48751 76396), and online at (commission included in the cost).

Lecture by Sergey Yastrebov: An Evolutionary Picture of the World and the Tree of Life

March 2yastrebov4, 2019 at 16:00
Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center

The Yasnaya Polyana Museum continues the Spring of Enlightenment series of popular science lectures, as part of which winners of the Enlightener Award – researchers and authors of popular scientific literature – tell about interesting phenomena of linguistics, anthropology, biology, mathematics, and history. The next lecture – the biologist Sergey Yastrebov’s presentation, An Evolutionary Picture of the World and the Tree of Life – will focus on the perception of the evolutionary tree of living organisms and man‘s place in it in the context of modern natural history.

Performances of the Children’s Musical Theater “Reflection“

__01On March 21, 2019 actors of the Moscow children‘s musical theater Reflection will perform at the Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center. Reflection is a theater whose young participants are already truly skilful actors and demonstrate their wonderful voices to the public. At 11:00 they will show the play Life When You Are Shorter Than One Meter based on short stories by Alexander Blinov. At 13:00 Animal Tales based on the play by Don Nigro, an American playwright, will begin.

Exhibition of Illustrations by Sergey Sachkov: Cats Between the Covers

The Cats Between the Covers exhibition opened on Cats Day in Russia – March 1. It features Sergey Sachkov‘s illustrations to various children‘s books, and books from his family‘s archive. The title of the exhibition refers to the series of calendars by the same artist called Miraculous Cats Within These Covers. However, this exhibition will remind you of different „cats between covers“ – all the cats that were characters in literary works or were described in them.

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