The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Golden Mask on Screen: War and Peace. The Beginning of the Novel

war_and_peaceMay 14, 2017 at 15:00
Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center

We are about to finish the Golden Mask on Screen theater program that includes screenings of plays which are nominated for or won the Golden Mask Russian National Theater Award. This time you are invited to watch the play War and Peace. The Beginning of the Novel staged by the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theater, Moscow.

Admission by tickets. Cost of a ticket: 450 rubles. Tickets can be purchased at the Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center (+7-953-961-37-49), and online at (commission included in the cost).

Lecture by Roman Shmarakov

roman_shmarakovMay 13, 2017 at 15:00
Yasnaya Polyana Cultural Center 

Our History and Literature cycle of lectures will finish with a meeting with the writer and translator Roman Shmarakov. The topic of his presentation will be Meetings with Ghosts in the Latin Middle Ages. Together with the lecturer, we will plunge into the atmosphere of the 12th century and try to understand why this topic attracts one’s interest.

Admission is free, registration in advance is necessary. Register here:

Music in the Tolstoy Family Program


The Yasnaya Polyana museum continues the cycle of musical evenings in the Tolstoy House. The Music in the Tolstoy Family program designed by the music hisotrian Olga Belova quickly won fans, and this season we invite our guests to summer musical evenings at Yasnaya Polyana every first Saturday in May, June, and July.

Each concert will be preceded by the thematic guided tour “Music in Leo Tolstoy’s Life.” It will begin at 18:00 near the entrance towers of the museum.

The concerts will start at 19:00. Admission by tickets. Cost of a ticket (including the guided tour and the concert) is 2,000 rubles. Tickets can be purchased at the Yasnaya Polyana Gallery (+7-905-622-82-35) and the ticket office of the Yasnaya Polyana Estate-Museum (+7 48751 76-001).

Exhibition: Hello from Krapivna!

__April 23 - May 28, 2017
Krapivna Local History Museum  

You are welcome to visit the Hello from Krapivna! exhibition. The visitors can enjoy drawings, photographs and postcards with views of Krapivna, and works dedicated to the stinging nettle plant  (krapiva in Russian).  At the exhibition there will also be a presentation of the “Krapivna. Retro” set of postcards published at the expense of Stanislav Ivanov, a descendant of the Krapivna merchants the Yudins. 

International Academic Conference: Leo Tolstoy and the French Enlightenment Century. Tolstoy and the French Revolution

July 22-26, 2017
Yasnaya Polyana Estate-Museum 

For Leo Tolstoy, just as for many Russian thinkers and public figures of the late 19th – early 20th centuries, the legacy of the French Revolution was of vital importance. The adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the establishment of the parliamentary system, the transition from absolute monarchy to a constitutional one and then to the republic, the lifting of censorship, and anticlericalism radically changed the country. However, the implementation of the ideas of the Enlightenment, which began with parliamentary debates and public discontent, escalated into the necessity to hold onto revolutionary power by means of wars and terror, and a constant fight with foreign and domestic enemies. This dilemma became essential for the Russian revolutions of 1905-07 and 1917, and it is appropriate that this issue is the focus of Leo Tolstoy’s teaching of nonresistance to evil by violence. “The great French revolution proclaimed unquestionable truths, but all of them became a lie when they started to be introduced by means of violence,” he wrote in his diary on October 22, 1904. 

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