The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Yasnaya Polyana at the Craft Formula Fair


Our colleagues from the sector of the study and revival of country estate traditions will participate in the 21st International Craft Formula Moscow--Spring 2019 trade fair. This event, dedicated to various kinds of handicrafts and hobbies, will take place on February 14-17, 2019 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center in Moscow.

At our museum‘s stand (4/F4.2) visitors will see patchwork panels with a panoramic view of Yasnaya Polyana and a collection of embroidered canvas towels the patterns for which were taken from old drawings and specimens of towels from the collections of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum and the State Tolstoy Museum in Moscow.

Handicraft was part and parcel of the life of the nobility; it was not only a fascinating pastime, but also an expression of one’s aesthetic views. All the ladies at Yasnaya Polyana were skillful at embroidery, knitting and crocheting, and sewing clothes for themselves and their children. Following the traditions of the Tolstoy family, our craftswomen study and create embroidered towels, quilted blankets and panels, and traditional folk costumes.

As part of the Craft Formula fair, our craftswomen will conduct a series of workshops on orinuni, i.e., origami from fabric. The participants in the workshops will be able to create with their own hands a Spring Flower decoration that could be used as a brooch, an element of interior decoration, or a toy.

This technique exhisted in Europe as early as in the 16th to 17th centuries and was used to create parts of the costume (such as collars or headdresses). At present origami from fabric is widely spread in patchwork. Visitors may take part in our workshops every day during the fair from 11:00 to 13:00, and from 15:00 to 17:00.

Background information:

The Craft Formula fair is a major exhibition of the crafts industry and creative hobbies in Russia. One of its goals is to promote creative leisure. The exhibition is held two times a year. The topic of this spring‘s fair is My Small World.

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