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Leo Tolstoy‘s Departure from Yasnaya Polyana in the Press


On the date of Leo Tolstoy‘s death, November 20th, we want to present our new special online project, Leo Tolstoy‘s Departure from Yasnaya Polyana in the Press (link to a Russian-language web site). As a rule, when refering to the writer‘s death, we use the word „departure“ meaning the events that happened from October 28 (November 10) to November 7 (November 20), 1910, after he left Yasnaya Polyana. Those 11 days truly struck the author‘s contemporaries.

Leo Tolstoy was such an outstanding figure that he did not manage just to escape unnoticed, as he wanted. Dozens of reporters rushed after him and his companions; and they regularly reported to the public where Tolstoy was. They gathered accounts of eyewitnesses and impressions of the people who talked to Tolstoy during his very last journey.

In our previous online project, Leo Tolstoy‘s Jubilee in the Press, we refered to extracts from various newspapers in order to better see the epoch in which the author lived and worked. This time, we want to focus our attention on impressions of witnesses to the last days of Leo Tolstoy’s life.

We made a selection of materials published in the autumn of 1910 by various Russian newspapers; it incudes over 30 extracts from newspaper articles, which relate, in chronological order, the history of the great writer‘s departure and death. The images used in the project are from the collection of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum.

All the dates in the publications are in the Old Style.

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