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Leo Tolstoy’s Jubilee in the Press


To commemorate the 190th anniversary of Leo Tolstoy’s birth, the Yasnaya Polyana Museum prepared a special online project, Leo Tolstoy’s Jubilee in the Press (link to a Russian-language web site). This title is still relevant, but now such anniversaries are announced not only in the printed media, but also on the Internet and on TV.

One hundred and ten years ago, when Leo Tolstoy‘s 80th birthday was celebrated, the press published a chronicle of the celebrations both in Russia and abroad. Some newspapers dedicated separate columns to Tolstoy, and on the very day of his birth, even published special editions; both serious materials and satirical articles were published, and, of course, some amusing incidents also took place. For our project, we selected extracts from various Russian newspapers published from February to October of 1908.

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