The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Minister of Culure of Kaluga Region Visited Yasnaya Polyana

On August 8, 2018 the Minister of Culture of Kaluga Region, Pavel Suslov, visited the Yasnaya Polyana Museum. He and the museum director, Ekaterina Tolstaya, signed an agreement of cooperation.

The delegation also included the director of the Kaluga Regional History Museum, Vitaly Bessonov; the director of the Innovation Cultural Center, Vadim Babanov; the stage director of the Kaluga Drama Theater, Konstantin Soldatov; the director of the Regional Center of Folk Art, Olga Lents; and others.


The delegation was shown around Yasnaya Polyana; they visited the Tolstoy House and the writer‘s grave, and the Leo Tolstoy. The Caucasus. History and Modernity exhibition in the Volkonsky House. Ekaterina Tolstaya told the guests about the history of Yasnaya Polyana, the museum‘s present-day life, and its branches, one of which, the Mansurovo Estate, is located in Kaluga Region.

The museum‘s employees also spoke about its work. Inna Larina, head of the education department, which works with school students, presented the museum‘s educatoinal projects; Yulia Vronskaya, head of the international literary projects department, shared experience in organizing annual writers‘ meetings. Natalia Kurchakova, head of the orchards and parks department, told about the present state of the Yasnaya Polyana fruit orchards and volunteers‘ assistance. The guests also discussed the up-coming 190th birthday of Leo Tolstoy.


At the end of the meeting, Ekaterina Tolstaya and Pavel Suslov signed a cooperation agreement between the Yasnaya Polyana Museum and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Kaluga Region. As part of the agreement, joint exhibition projects, concerts, conferences and round tables in Tula, Kaluga and the Mansurovo Estate are planned to be held.

„For us this agreement is a historic stage in the development of relations between our museum and Kaluga Region, and in popularizing Leo Tolstoy‘s heritage. We expect large-scale and fruitful cooperation,“ says Ekaterina Tolstaya, director of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum.

The first joint projects will be dedicated to Leo Tolstoy‘s 190th birthday.

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