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Exhibition: Open Air. Historic Landscapes of Russia


On April 4, 2018 the Open Air. Historic Landscapes of Russia exhibition opened in the S.M. Kirov Central Recreation Park (St. Petersburg). It was organized as part of the Russian-French project of the Revival of Historic Gardens and Parks National Association. Our museum is one of the participants in the project.

The project presents works by seven French artists created in Russian historic parks in the autumn of 2017. Besides our museum, the participants are: S.M. Kirov Central Recreation Park, the Maryino Estate (Leningrad Region), the Tsarskoye Selo Estate (St. Petersburg), the Rostov Kremlin (Rostov the Great), the Gorky Leninskiye Museum (Moscow Region), and Princess Oldenburg’s Palace (Voronezh Region).

After the Kirov Central Park, the exhibition will be shown at the other museums participating in the project: the Maryino Estate, the Tsarskoye Selo Estate, the Yasnaya Polyana Estate, Princess Oldenburg‘s Palace, the Rostov Kremlin, and the Gorky Leninskiye Museum.

The Open Air Historic Landscapes of Russia project aims at the promotion of the garden art, the development of cooperation between museums, and Russian-French cultural exchange. In 2019, it is planned to organize a series of exhibitions in France; the project will be supported by the Russian Embassy in France, the Parks and Gardens Foundation of France headed by Princess Marie-Sol de La Tour d'Auvergne, and President of the Russian Club of Friends of Chartres Cathedral (France), Lyudmila Odber.

Background information:

The Revival of Historic Gardens and Parks National Association was established in 2012. Its founders include the Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk State Estate-Museums, the Yasnaya Polyana Estate-Museum, the Pushkin Preserve, the Revival of Russian Country Estates National Foundation, and the National A.S. Pushkin Museum. In 2013, the Russian Museum, the Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve (Kolomenskoye, Izmailovo, Lyublino), and the S.M. Kirov Central Recreation Park joined the Association. At present, the Association includes 17 Russian museums.

The main aim of the Association is to ensure its members‘ joint efforts to preserve, revive, and promote specimens of Russian garden art and landscpae architecture. As envisioned by its founders, the Association should become an open forum for the discussion of the most significant and general issues by representative of the professional community, and a venue for scholarly discussions and meetings and for sharing professional experience with both Russian and foreign colleagues.

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