The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Leo Tolstoy‘s Last Journey


On November 7 (20), 1910, at 6:05 am, Leo Tolstoy died at the Astapovo station of the Ryazan-Ural railway.

Specially for the anniversary of the date of the writer‘s death, November 20, we prepared a multimedia project, Leo Tolstoy‘s Last Journey (link to the Russian language web site). It vividly demonstrates the history of Tolstoy’s last railway trip, which brought the great genius’s life to a close. 

Tolstoy left Yasnaya Polyana on October 28, having taken just a few things and having left a note to his wife in which he expressed his wish to “spend the last days of his life in solitude and quiet.” But the writer’s wish was not destined to be fulfilled. He spent the last 10 days of his life after his departure from Yasnaya Polyana traveling, the railway being his last abode.

What did Tolstoy feel at that time, how did his departure from his ancestral estate affect him, and what was the reason for the departure? – A lot of information about it can be found in the diaries and letters of those who witnessed these events, and in works by researchers of Tolstoy’s life and work. But on the eve of the date of the writer’s death, we would like to tell a little different story of his departure – one in facts, dates, and figures. 

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