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International Conference: China and Russia. Literary Dialogue

1In early November of 2017, the China and Russia – A Literary Dialogue international conference took place in Beijing. Among the participants were Ekaterina Tolstaya, director of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum, and Galina Alexeeva, head of our museum’s Academic Research Department. The conference was opened by Vladimir Tolstoy, Advisor to the RF President of Culture and Art, and Zhou Lingfei, a grandson of the classical Chinese author Lu Xun.


During the conference, there were presentations on the creative legacy of Leo Tolstoy and Li Bai, Maxim Gorky and Lu Xun. Young Chinese scholars of Russian literature, who were predominant in the audience, learned the details of Tolstoy’s perception of Chinese sages, among whom he especially appreciated Lao-Tze, Confucius, and Mengzi. As our colleague Galina Alexeeva noted, the great Russian writer was attracted by Lao-Tze’s thoughts about “non-doing” and non-resistance to evil by force.  

The director of the Literature Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Liu Yuejin, spoke about the idea of organizing a year of exchanges in the field of literature between China and Russia. In his opinion, this project has great potential, taking into consideration the rich literary traditions and broad reading audiences of both countries. In his turn, the Advisor to the RF President on Culture and Art, Vladimir Tolstoy, offered to initiate the Russia/China literary year. 

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