The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Volunteer Season Finished at Yasnaya Polyana


This year‘s three volunteer sessions (the spring, summer and autumn ones) were very intense and rich. Our volunteers worked in the estate’s forests and parks: gathered woody debris, planted flowers, mounted bird-houses, and took an active part in the restoration of historic coniferous woods. More photos can be seen HERE >>>

Fir Trees Behind the Chepyzh Wood, Fir Trees near Grumant, and Firs in the Podkapustnik are coniferous groves planted by Leo Tolstoy and his wife Sophia between 1864 and 1907. In 2011-2013, they suffered from an outbreak of the spruce bark beetle. 

The restoration began with the Firs behind Chepyzh, as this section of the wood is not far from the central part of the estate and the path to Leo Tolstoy‘s favourite bench goes past it, and hundreds of visitors follow that path every day. 1,254 young fir trees were planted here with our volunteers’ help during just one season.

Our museum is very grateful to everybody who participated in the preservation of the historic shape of the Yasnaya Polyana forests: Shchekinoazot company; SCA Sovetsk; the Moscow companies BF Systema, GIVEBACK Ltd., World4U, VOOPIK; the Tula Center for Ecological Policy and Culture; the Bitsevsky Forest Eco-center; the Mir volunteer association in Shchekino; the volunteers who participated in the Museum Volunteer Camp at Yasnaya Polyana project; and many others.

But the restoration of the estate’s coniferous groves is still under way. Next year, we plan to do restoration work in the Firs near Grumant. 1,200 fir trees have to be planted there. And in 2019, we will be restoring the Firs in the Podkapustnik grove (1,800 fir trees). Charity workers, volunteers, and everybody for whom Yasnaya Polyana matters are welcome to participate!

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