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Seven Myths about Tolstoy
TolstoySpecial project of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum commemorating the writer's 189th birthday

Even in Tolstoy‘s lifetime, facts and guesswork about him were closely intertwined in the consciousness of his contemporaries, and it was hard to see where the real Tolstoy ended and the made-up Tolstoy began. Now, it seems, there is even more misapprehension of the classical author. 

In our project, we singled out seven of the most widely spread myths about Leo Tolstoy‘s personality, life, and work which the museum and its employees often encounter.

These myths are opposed by the vivid, real Leo Tolstoy who speaks for himself: in his diaries and letters, and in the memoirs of his children, wife, and his immediate circle. We gathered unique information for you, which is scattered in dozens of volumes of Tolstoy’s collected works and which lets us better know and understand the writer.

We offer everybody who is interested the chance to check their knowledge about Tolstoy and probably discover something new about him.

Seven Myths about Tolstoy (in Russian) 

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