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Yasnaya Polyana and Arzamas Have Launched an Educational Course


On the eve of Leo Tolstoy's birthday, the Yasnaya Polyana Museum and the Arzamas educational project jointly are launching an educational course (in Russian) that will tell about various aspects of the author’s personality and biography. On September 7, 2017 an open access special project appeared on the Arzamas platform, which contains audio lectures and supplemental materials – the Tolstoy family vocabulary (a list of words and expressions that were invented and used by the family members), the Computer or Tolstoy game, and advice from Tolstoy for all occasions.  

The lectures Tolstoy and Religions and Tolstoy and Dostoevsky will be delivered by archpriest Georgy Orekhanov, a theologist and historian, author of the book Leo Tolstoy. “A Prophet without Honour.” The literary historian and author of several books about Tolstoy, and jury member of the Yasnaya Polyana Book Award, Pavel Basinsky, will speak on Tolstoy and Family, Tolstoy and His Death. Candidate of philology and literary critic Mikhail Edelshtein will explain what Tolstoyism is.

Users who decide to take the educational course will also see images of the writer‘s personal items, such as clothes and writing implements that are kept in the Tolstoy House at Yasnaya Polyana and at the State Leo Tolstoy Museum in Moscow.

The structure of the project is not limited by a rigid framework, and new components can later be added to it. The order of interacting with the elements is not restricted either: users will decide whether to listen to just one lecture, or maybe not listen at all and just study the supplementary materials. Such an approach is in full accord with Tolstoy’s ideas of self-education and freedom of choice in studies, which the writer emphasized throughout his entire life. He did not finish a university course, but he was one of the most highly educated people of his time. His wife Sophia wrote: “He learned everything he ever learned in his life on his own, all at once and quickly, and through hard work.”

So, you are also welcome to learn what you are interested in.

This course is one of the online activities created to support the Tolstoy Weekend theater festival that has taken place annually at Yasnaya Polyana since 2016, on the initiative of Tula Region Governor Aleksei Dyumin and with the support of the RF Ministry of Culture and the Rostekh State Corporation. This summer, shortly before the festival, we already told (   how Tolstoy became a character of popular culture and made it into memes, books by Sorokin and Pelevin, a series about Indiana Jones, and even icons.

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