The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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The 19th Meeting of the Ant Brotherhood at Yasnaya Polyana


On June 26 – July 8, the 19th summer meeting of the Ant Brotherhood children‘s interregional public movement took place at the Yasnaya Polyana Estate. For nearly 20 years the movement has been uniting children from different parts of Russia by means of ideas that were of great importance for Leo Tolstoy. In his childhood, little Leo dreamed of all the people becoming happy and joining in the “ant brotherhood.“ Modern kids also cherish the ideas of kindness, justice, sincerity in relationships, and true friendship. Photos >>>

This year, over eighty school students and their teachers who share the ideals of the Ant Brotherhood and see Yasnaya Polyana as a very special place gathered at the Tolstoy Estate. In Russia this is the Year of Ecology and Nature Reserves, and our estate belongs to that category too, so we focused especially on environmental activities.

As usual, the “ants“ tried their best to make Yasnaya Polyana cleaner: they worked in the historic orchards and parks. After physical work, intellectual work also goes more smoothly: discussion of acute problems of the interaction between nature and man during an ecological forum, and guided tours of  the Tolstoy Museum and the Kulikovo Battlefield Museum. Each delegation also prepared a story about an ethnic group living in Russia and presented it during the Peoples’ Friendship Festival. And of course, our traditional workshops were also offered to the children, as usual. Participants in the movement are grateful to the museum employees for their work and commitment; thanks to them children are happy in the Ant Brotherhood!

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