The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Practical Workshops at Yasnaya Polyana


The Yasnaya Polyana Museum ofers practical workshops which acquaint visitors with practical sides of the life of Russian estates. Groups of 15 people and more can participate; reservation in advance is necessary (+7 (48751) 76-1-10). Cost of a ticket is 200 rubles. 

Sawing Firewood Workshop

In the 19th century, any buildings – country estate manor houses, city apartments, or peasant houses – were heated with stoves. Wood was used to heat them. So, it was of great importance for both aristocratic and peasant families to store up firewood in the right way and on time.

During the workshop you can learn how stove heating worked in the Tolstoy House and how the Yasnaya Polyana peasants prepared for the heating season, and also get acquainted with the practical process of storing up firewood, learn to distinguish between different kinds of wood, and compete in sawing logs.

At the Stable Yard Workshop


Humans domesticated the horse about 4.5 thousand years ago. It became humans‘ companion and the most faithful domestic animal. In many ways thanks to the horse man reached the present standard of living. With its assistance, people uprooted forests and ploughed new fields, conquered whole countries, and made geographic discoveries.

Depending on its purpose, the gear for using horses changed and developed: carts, farming tools, or harnesses.

City, country, and estate life were unthinkable without horses. At our workshop, you will learn what a harness consists of and the purposes of its parts, and how to mount a horse in the correct, safe way and  ride it; and you will get acquainted with the history of man’s use of horses, and have a try at horseback riding.

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