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Orhan Pamuk‘s Visit to Russia


In February of 2017, the Nobel Prize winner in literature Orhan Pamuk visited Russia. The author‘s visit was related to a presentation of his new novel, The Red-Haired Woman, published in Russian last year, and to the conferring on him of the Yasnaya Polyana Book Award.

On February 20, Pamuk delivered a lecture at St. Petersburg State University, and received the title of that institution‘s Honoured Doctor.

On February 24, the writer gave a public interview to the journalist Fyokla Tolstaya at the Russian State Library. During that meeting, he received the Yasnaya Polyana  Book Award in the Foreign Literature category for his novel A Strangeness in My Mind. On February 25, Orhan Pamuk‘s public interview with the literary critic Alexander Gavrilov took place. The full version of the conversation (in Russian) is available here >>>

The next day, the writer had a guided tour of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum. Our colleague, head of our museum‘s Academic Research Department and president of the ICOM‘s International Committee of Literary Museums (ICLM), Galina Alexeeva, showed him around the estate and the Tolstoy House. During the tour she invited Orhan Pamuk to become a member of ICLM since the Museum of Innocence, named after his famous novel, was opened in Istanbul at his initiative.  The writer consented, declaring that in the near future the curator of the Museum of Innocence will join this committee.  In the book for visitor comments in the Tolstoy House the writer left this inscription:

“Having dreamed of visiting Yasnaya Polyana for forty years, I feel unbelievably happy and filled with the enthusiasm of a pilgrim and writer. I am happy to visit Tolstoy, whose influence I have felt, and I feel like a man whose dream has come true.”

Photos can be seen here >>>

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