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The Novel “War and Peace” Appeared in the “Living Pages”
LivePages_1806_4June 19, 2015

Samsung company presented the “Living Pages” – a mobile application which gives the reader an opportunity to rediscover works of classical Russian literature. The first book available in the application is Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace.” The goal of the “Living Pages” project is to showcase the classics in a new way, in a modern interactive format thanks to the unique presentation of the information and additional content. 

The “Living Pages” mobile application for Android smartphones is available for free in Google Play and Galaxy Apps. The unique content for the application was designed in close cooperation with the experts of the Tolstoy Digital Project and the School of Linguistics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. The coordinator of the project is Fyokla Tolstaya, a member of the Tolstoy family, a popular Russian journalist and TV and radio host. 

“War and Peace” is the first book in the “Living Pages” application. The application offers the reader a new way of reading and living through the text. The convenient interactive interface lets the reader more easily get orientated in the novel and quickly switch to additional materials and interactive sections. The text of the novel contains commentaries by literary historians, and the table of contents is turned into infographics, which makes it possible to find the extract one needs in a couple of clicks.

All the chronology of events of the novel is clearly shown in a calendar along with significant historic events that serve the background of the plot development. And push-notifications will tell you what happened in the novel and in the country’s history on a corresponding date. In the “Lives” section, chief events in the lives of the main characters and their interactions with other characters are presented. The Infographics help follow the life of each character and his or her most important meetings with other characters. The application also contains a dictionary of old-fashioned expressions and a fascinating “Word Game” that lets one check one’s knowledge of Russian, gain “reader’s experience” and share one’s success with friends in social networks. 

For now the “Living Pages” application is available in Russian. In the autumn of 2015, additional functions will be added to it: an interactive map and new infographics. By the end of the year, more Russian classical books will be available in the application.  

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