The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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Open Air. Historic Landscapes of Russia


On September 7-14, 2017 the French artist Laurence de Marliave worked on the grounds of the Yasnaya Polyana Estate. Her visit here was part of the Open Air. Historic Landscapes of Russia international project, organized by the Revival of Historic Gardens and Parks National Association supported by the Russian Embassy in France, and the Foundation of Gardens and Parks of France. More photos can be seen HERE >>>

The project aims at the promotion of the garden art, the development of cooperation between museums, and Russian-French cultural exchange. Six national estate-museums, including Yasnaya Polyana, took part in the project. The realization of the project will draw attention to historic nature preserves and contribute to the preservation and promotion of our garden art cultural values and traditions.

About the artist: 

Laurence de Marliave received her primary art education at the Penninghen Higher Graphic Arts School, and in 1991 graduated from the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris.

A painter and graphic artist, she won recognition not only in France, but also abroad; her works have been shown in Italy, Belgium, China, Korea, and Russia. In addition to elegance and a high level of skill, Laurence’s works impress the viewer with a special manner of showing light; radiant and clear, it permeates even the most tense compositions.

Following in the steps of her grandfather François de Marliave, a well-known Orientalist artist and traveler, in her works Laurence takes the viewers into a different world unveiling for them the culture, traditions and nature of Cambodia, Greece, Russia, Vietnam, or Northern Africa. Her talent is a subtle combination of artistic perception, creative imagination, high professionalism, amazing energy, and personal charm. 

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