The State Memorial and Natural Preserve "Museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana"
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The Day of Knowledge at Yasnaya Polyana


It is traditional to celebrate the Day of Knowledge in our country (September 1). Of course, this day is especially exciting for the children who go to school for the first time. But it can be no less fascinating for other schoolchildren, too. And we can do it here, at Yasnaya Polyana, where education has always been of great importance and where children have always been special guests.

On September 1  Yasnaya Polyana offers:

-        a fascinating walk around the estate with interactive children‘s guidebooks (they are intended for three age groups: children of 5-8, 9-12, and over 12 years old). The guidebook costs 50 rubles and can be bought at the museum‘s ticket office;

-        participation in a children‘s guided tour, The Country Estate: A Small Town for a Big Family (children‘s groups will be formed near the ticket office beginning at 13:00 (cost of a ticket is 200 rubles);

-        a visit to the exhibition “Happiness is Being with Nature, Seeing It, and Talking to It,” in the Volkonsky House;

-        a carriage or horseback ride (in the Stable, rides start at 13:00);

-        participation in workshops offered by craftsmen of Yasnaya Polyana (in the Smithy, beginning at 12:00, cost of a ticket is 100 rubles);

-        a sale of Yasnaya Polyana souvenirs (in the Granary);

-        an opportunity to take family photos wearing peasant costumes; (in the Coachman‘s House, cost of admission tickets: 20 rubles for adults, 10 rubles for students and pensioners);

-        dishes from the children‘s menu in the museum cafe Preshpekt.

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