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Engobe Ceramics Exhibition

_igp8676October 8-31, 2014
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You are welcome to visit an engobe ceramics exhibition that we organized in memory of Lyudmila Makarova. She was the author of the engobe painting based on the flora of Yasnaya Polyana. 

Yasnaya Polyana can boast of its original ceramics. This type of souvenirs was first designed in 1997 by Lyudmila Makarova. The clay deposit with clays of different shades of color, which was also known in Leo Tolstoy’s lifetime, permitted the production of clay items and use colored clays (engobes) for painting them.

In the memoirs of the sculptor I. Gintsburg we read: “After lunch Lev Nikolaevich went with us to the field and showed us the place where there was clay. He dug the clay with us… Tolstoy’s sons took off their shoes and worked the clay all day long. The next day the clay was ready.”

A new style of engobe painting was introduced by the museum’s craftsmen; it conveys the poetical character of Yasnaya Polyana in the best way. It is based on plant ornaments done in colored clays. The main subject of the painting is stylized plants of Yasnaya Polyana and birds.

Plants characteristic of Yasnaya Polyana serve as models for the designs. Thus, each of the clay souvenirs our visitors take home – pots, bells, or miniature figures of characters from Tolstoy’s works – literally contains a small part of Yasnaya Polyana. These ceramic souvenirs were patented by the museum (Patent for the invention № 2348599 “Art of Manufacture of Ceramic Items and a Ceramic Item” was registered in the RF State Register of Inventions on March 10, 2009).

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